Is medical school “worth it”? An introduction to Internal Rate of Return (“IRR”)

Finance hiring is down, law school grads are having a tough time finding real law jobs, so what is an ambitious but risk averse college student to do with his or her life these days? Okay, right now the answer is computer science. Yes seriously, do computer science. But let’s pretend it is the year 2001 and the only other option respectable option is medical school. But doesn’t med school take a lot of time (4 years school plus 3-7 years residency/fellowship) and cost a lot of money? How can we figure out if going to med school and not earning doctor money until 7 years from now is worth it financially relative to just entering the workforce and working for those 7 years? Continue reading “Is medical school “worth it”? An introduction to Internal Rate of Return (“IRR”)”

Compare college endowment growth with (lack of) enrollment growth

For high school seniors, January 1st marks the college application deadline, the culmination of months of high stakes essay writing, testing, and filling out applications. This is then followed by four months of anxious waiting for the decisions to come back. Having applied to college over 15 years ago, I’m always shocked at how much harder getting into college appears to have gotten – acceptance rates for top schools have fallen to just 5-8%.  With lower acceptance rates comes increased stress and pressure to perform. Continue reading “Compare college endowment growth with (lack of) enrollment growth”

Create Study Index Cards in a Spreadsheet

Index CardsI’m studying for the SAT, ACT, or GRE exam and need to boost my vocabulary. I’m trying to remember important concepts for my chemistry test. I’d like to remember a few algebra formulas (like the Pythagorean Theorem) or geometric proofs. I want to better prepare for my foreign language quiz. Well, we’ve got something for each of you. With the school season well underway, let’s check out effective study tool tailored to your specific goals – all created with a single spreadsheet!  Continue reading “Create Study Index Cards in a Spreadsheet”

Top 3 Spreadsheets You Need (but Never Knew!)

TechsmithWorAEA6.pngLook no further! Whether you are a traveler, student, teacher, parent, or coach, here are our top 3 spreadsheets that can benefit you. Select any choice below to access both our spreadsheet and video tutorial.

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College App Tracker Spreadsheet

TechsmithWor83CA.pngAs you navigate through the college application process, this spreadsheet framework can benefit you! Stay organized, track requirements, and manage deadlines with this spreadsheet template. To get started, view our 5-minute video and download our template.  Continue reading “College App Tracker Spreadsheet”

Create & Automate Large Order Forms

TechsmithWor9460.pngAs a student leader of your club or sports team, you’ll benefit from an order form template! If you’re in charge of collecting info such as t-shirt orders or cookie sales, this spreadsheet template will make your life easier by tracking user-entered data and automating key data.

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Prioritize & Organize with Spreadsheets

Effective time management and prioritization skills are essential to your personal, academic, and professional success. So, let’s learn how to create a priority log with a spreadsheet! Both an organizational and prioritization tool, this practical spreadsheet application will help you better manage your time when tackling projects, papers, tasks, and other deadlines. Continue reading “Prioritize & Organize with Spreadsheets”

Introducing VLOOKUP & College Education Value

A good friend introduced me to a site by Payscale that compares the “value” of a college education through a measure called the ROI (Return on Investment), broadly calculated as the difference between the expected future income stream of a college graduate and the actual cost of attending college. Continue reading “Introducing VLOOKUP & College Education Value”

What College Rank & Professors’ Salaries say about Tuition

Do higher-ranked schools tend to charge a larger tuition? Does a professor’s salary positively correlate with college tuition? In this post, we’ll explore the relationships between college tuition to a couple of factors, such as professor salary, school rank, freshman retention rate*, and 6-year graduation rate.
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ABCD: Analyzing Big College Data

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The college decision is a big one. Are you deciding which college(s) to apply to or which one to attend? Or are you in middle or high school and interested in attending college someday? Or have you already graduated from college?

For all, let’s explore essential skills by analyzing data across 202 U.S. colleges! Continue reading “ABCD: Analyzing Big College Data”

Pivot Table & National Volunteering Month

April is National Volunteering Month, so let’s celebrate!  What better way is there to celebrate than to honor those who devote themselves to their communities while simultaneously mastering a pivot table?  That’s right – you heard me!

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