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Create Study Index Cards in a Spreadsheet

Index CardsI’m studying for the SAT, ACT, or GRE exam and need to boost my vocabulary. I’m trying to remember important concepts for my chemistry test. I’d like to remember a few algebra formulas (like the Pythagorean Theorem) or geometric proofs. I want to better prepare for my foreign language quiz. Well, we’ve got something for each of you. With the school season well underway, let’s check out effective study tool tailored to your specific goals – all created with a single spreadsheet!  Continue reading

Top 3 Spreadsheets You Need (but Never Knew!)

TechsmithWorAEA6.pngLook no further! Whether you are a traveler, student, teacher, parent, or coach, here are our top 3 spreadsheets that can benefit you. Select any choice below to access both our spreadsheet and video tutorial.

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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Spreadsheet


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Planning a wedding or a large party? A spreadsheet can be your guide as you navigate through this exciting, busy time! Whether it is keeping your guest list organized, creating a vendor comparison list, or developing a budget, you can rise above wedding planning stress with this reliable, easily accessible tool! Continue reading

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Spreadsheets

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Here is a short post on my top 10 favorite keyboard shortcuts for spreadsheets.

Keyboard shortcuts lets you perform an action in your spreadsheet by pressing certain keys on your keyboard. Why learn them? Shortcuts are time-saving, increasing your productivity and efficiency!

If you use a Mac, replace the Ctrl with the Command (or Apple) key. Unless specified, the shortcuts can be applied in both Google Spreadsheet and Microsoft Excel.

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Google Spreadsheet 101

Take a spreadsheet tour with us. Here you’ll explore the layout of a typical Google spreadsheet. Along the journey, you’ll discover what menu bar is; how to add and rename worksheets; how to add, delete, and re-size rows and columns; and how to undo an action.

5 Favorite Features of Google Spreadsheets

These are among our favorite features of Google spreadsheets!  What are yours?

1.  Convenient access anywhere:  Whether you’re on your laptop, desktop, Android, iPhone, iPad, etc, you can access your Google spreadsheet.  Without worrying about saving and replacing multiple versions, you can view and edit the same spreadsheet across all devices!

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How do I access spreadsheets?

Whether or not you realize it, you already have access to spreadsheets!  Wait a minute:  are you saying I don’t need to buy a spreadsheet software program to learn and create spreadsheets?

Absolutely right!  Google spreadsheets are free.   The 3 things you’ll need are… Continue reading