Build a Secret Santa Spreadsheet

Christmas is here again, and while we at SpreadsheetSolving appreciate the festive spirit, our practical side always wonders “does every single friend need a gift from each of their other friends?”. And… “why can’t we just give cash?”


The game Secret Santa somewhat lessens this gift giving burden among a large group of people. In this game, each person is secretly assigned one other person in the group to give a gift to. Typically, when the person opens their gift, they try to guess who gave it to them. Great fun is had by all (in theory).

We can create a simple spreadsheet to set up the random assignment of people to others in a group. First we enter in a hypothetical list of names: Continue reading “Build a Secret Santa Spreadsheet”

What College Rank & Professors’ Salaries say about Tuition

Do higher-ranked schools tend to charge a larger tuition? Does a professor’s salary positively correlate with college tuition? In this post, we’ll explore the relationships between college tuition to a couple of factors, such as professor salary, school rank, freshman retention rate*, and 6-year graduation rate.
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